What Are The Best Trains In Terms Of Luxury And Cleanliness To Travel

There was a time when train journey was much more a thing of the whistling of the train, passing the various streets, enjoying and having fun inside, buying food from the vendor and other different things. 

While most of the things may be the same, but these days trains have been transformed into a much more luxury affair. Although, it is a different consideration that most of the humans can afford that luxury or not.

However, cleanliness is another thing that people look for in Indian trains.Cleanliness was definitely lacking at a much higher level in the trains. But, such things tend to change now. The government has taken adequate step to present all the people traveling in Indian railways the much-needed hygiene along with other comfortable features.

Now that, there is a category and basic differentiation between a normal train and a luxury train, it is obvious that as per the category, you will get the service accordingly. When it comes to the best luxury trains in India, there is no doubt that the two trains are leading in the top- the Palace on Wheels and The Maharaja Express respectively.

These two trains make sure that you get the best luxury train journeys in IndiaBut these types of trains are not for all and it is practically impossible for the average middle-class people to book a ticket in such trains and experience the wonderful journey.

Okay, so coming to the trains that become suitable for the common man, there are plenty of them. Such trains are rather a luxury train from a common man’s point of view. So, in this list, taking the lead is everyone's favorite Rajdhani Express. When you go inside and you are like cleanliness- check good food- check, comfort-check, and service-check. This is the real luxury thing, don’t you think so?

Well, Rajdhani even has some competitors. Like the Duronto Express, Shatabdi Express, Taj Express, Himalayan Queen etc. are also some trains that at least try to provide you with every form of comfort and luxury while even taking care of the cleanliness factor.


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